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Our mission is to encourage and inspire the community to live a healthier life. To be strong physically, mentally and spiratually.

GrandMaster Tak

Grandmaster Tak is 7th degree black belt who has 30+ years of taekwondo experience and 20+ years of teaching experience.  He started taekwondo during his childhood from South Korea and continued his journey to become a martial art master.  While techniques are important aspect of learning taekwondo, grandmaster Tak emphasizes the student to embrace the humility and discipline.  In addition, he continues to teach the students today in-person.

Master Han

Master Han is 6th degree black belt and his taekwondo life begun when he followed his neighbor friend to taekwondo school to observe in South Korea.  He started teaching when he was young under grandmaster Tak and now he has more than 20+ years of experience.  Through numerous encounter with a student, master Han understands that not every individuals learn at same pace, therefore, master Han emphasizes the effort over techniques. 

“Seeing once is better than hearing 100 times”  – Grandmaster Tak



Master Jeff began his taekwondo training in 1977, after some experience with Karate.  His interest was sparked by the variety, and effectiveness of taekwondo’s kicking techniques.  When Master Jeff’s son Justyn turned 7 years old, Both Master Jeff and Justyn began going to Sun taekwondo with Grandmaster Tak and Master Han.  That was 15 years ago; and still here in class today.
Sun taekwondo combines the traditional Martial Art techniques taekwondo, with the Olympic style that is so popular today.”


“I started taekwondo in 2001 with my 11 year old daughter.  It was good exercise and a good experience to share and I was very proud when we earned our 3rd  degree Black Belt together just as she was going off to college.  Even though she moved away, I’ve stayed with the school and Grandmaster Tak and Master Han for almost 20 year now.  The school is a special place with a good workout.  good friends and  good values.   I particularly enjoy the mixed age classes; its great fun to see the younger students progress, and I think it’s really good for them to see adults working hard, and taking fitness seriously.”

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Master Newberry is 6th dan black black and joined Sun TaeKwonDo to help Grandmaster Tak start his own martial art school.  He has been with us since the establishment of the school and has been helping our students to grow in a righteous path.  His dedication to Taekwondo is high standard and loves working with the students.


Master Han with students
Masters stand together for a picture
Master tak with a water gun

what others are saying


Master Tak and his family are amazing people and the facility is top notch.  I went here has a kid and it was a huge part of my childhood.  I made so many friends and have so many fond memories.  We had birthday parties there, and I was the only 5th grade girl in my class with a kick-ass six pack! The place has been thriving for over a decade since and I am not surprised. I still stop in sometimes to see my old instructors and I am so impressed with everything I see.

Ginny A

My son has been attending Foxmill Tae Kwon Do for three years.  Master Tak and Master Han are excellent. My son never liked any sports and had a tough time making friends.  This is not just a place that teaches Tae Kwon Do Master Tak and Master Han feel like family.  They teach these kids discipline, respect and to maintain good grades in school.  A year ago we moved 15 miles from the Reston area but we still bring our son to Foxmill Tae Kwon Do.  I recommend Foxmill Tae Kwon Do 100%.

Nelly G

My 2 kids have been attending here since summer and we love it. Us being a korean family, we like The culture here which is more original (korean) and not so Americanized or commercialized. Yet.. still not as rough and strict as my father was with his students, wayyy back in the day. It’s a home felt kind of place where they’re able to give each student the attention they deserve.

Dee O

My son went here for 3 years and achieved his black belt. Master Tak and Master Han were always there for all of the kids, knowing each one’s strengths and weaknesses. After a year off, my son was begging to go back to TKD at Sun because he missed Master Tak and Master Han’s firm, yet gentle guidance (in TKD, focus, discipline and leadership) He is happy to be back with the TKD family there. As family members, we look forward to the family pot luck celebrations after each belt test, the Christmas party and the big summer water fight party. Master Tak encourages the kids in their studies at school and reminds the students to be grateful for their parents support and love. It is truly a family place!

Shannon S



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